Our bio-inspired, non-linear stimulation protocols and algorithms represent a unique form of biostimulation within the emergent field of transformative technology.

From idea to completion—whether you are after a custom protocol for your product or need help with any or all phases of your development—we can find what will best suit your needs.


We can help you design environmental enrichment and biostimulation protocols, formulations, strategies (or products) with which to improve people’s health, well-being, and productivity. Whatever it is… get in touch!


If you don't need us to actually get our hands dirty, and prefer sound advice on how to optimize your product or service, ask away.


We can produce biostimulation algorithms tested for their capacity to positively affect perception, mood, cognition, performance, behavior, awareness, consciousness, and/or perceived spiritual depth and connection.

Branding &


Whether it is for companies or specific products, we can design, develop, and fine tune your brand.

Design, communication and strategy

From product and landing pages to websites, brochures and leaflets, our toolbox will be used to convey the essence of your idea or product in a way that speaks to your values and audience, finding what the best strategies might be for your particular goals.


Words and images become reality. We can communicate your concepts and mission in a way that stands out for its transparency, coherence and eloquence.