Sonoceutical Labs

We believe that the key for harnessing energy for transformation lies in variability. Inspired by the at once cyclic and also ever-changing pulse of natural processes, we explore sound energy’s potential to noninvasively engage our attention and bring about positive subjective changes that tangibly impact our well-being.

Through a unique combination of applied psychoacoustics and bio-inspired sound design, we are turning some of nature’s irregularly regular rhythms and most harmonic signatures into highly structured forms of sound energy and acoustic resonance.

As part of this exciting work, we are currently advancing the field of sonootropics (aka smart sounds). Sonootropics mixes the words sono “sound,” noos “mind,” and tropeō “turning, adopting a new manner,” which apply to these particular formulations, whether it is through the use of sound energy alone, or subtle energy in which sound is used as a carrier.

Here’s a list of some of the sonootropic blends we are experimenting with:

Fractal EntrainmentⓇ

We are advancing our formulation of this distinctive approach to biostimulation, both by designing new sonoceutical prototypes and by validating their capacity to positively shift our physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

Golden NoiseⓇ

The golden ratio is a mathematical proportion that has fascinated humankind for centuries, and has been often considered nature’s most balancing proportion and harmonious energy signature. Part of our Fractal EntrainmentⓇ research and development, this particular noise color blend is designed to radiate a non-linear, richly layered, and life-affirming type of resonance.


A unique sound energy signature conceived to reverse the state of sympathetic dominance by immersing you in a state of inner silence and bioenergetic balance. Dive within, relax into being, and enjoy an awake-yet-relaxed state of vivid sensory awareness.

Sacred AuralizationⓇ

The term “contemplative architecture” has been used to describe buildings able to induce insightful, profound, and transformative-contemplative states in visitors. By virtually replicating such environments with 3D sound, we explore how to induce similar experiences through novel acoustic stimulation protocols with applications in the fields of contemplative practices, human potential, preventive health and well-being.

Infratonic BeatsⓇ

Infratonic beats is a novel “beating” method akin to monaural and binaural beats. Driven through a missing-fundamental-stimuli approach, various overtones series are carefully arranged so as to suggest a (missing) fundamental frequency that falls under the hearing threshold. Recent evidence suggests that an infrasonic tone can be generated in this way, despite the normally imperceptible nature of the sound.

The Matryoshka EffectⓇ

This project aims at investigating how recursion can inform the generation and advancement of sonoceutical protocols and algorithms. Please have a look at “Heartmony” in our Projects section for more information.

Environmental Enrichment

The use of mind-body therapies (MBTs) or interventions is widespread and continues to grow. So much so, they have become an important research subject because of their now proven potential as effective adjuncts to conventional medical treatment. Think meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, guided imagery, or progressive relaxation, to name just a few.

Thanks to a growing body of evidence, followed by the consequent inclusion of various MBTs into clinical practice, we have a greater understanding of the processes by which emotional, cognitive, and psychosocial factors can influence health outcomes and well-being, and also a better understanding of the mechanisms by which these techniques make such an impact on us.

Now imagine that in the context of transformative technology, we include the built environment in the equation. We all know experientially how much a place can affect our performance: the difference between brisk walking through a centenary forest with birds chirping, and sitting in a poorly ventilated room in which temperature remains constant all year long, light is artificial, and conversations get masked by the maddening noise of traffic outside, needs no further explanation.

Many of us spend most of our lives indoors, so… how can we hack our built environment so it becomes as conducive to health as outdoors natural environments can be? We all know that performance and mood are as dependent on “how” as they are on “where” we spend our time. But can we remotely affect specific traits such as cardiovascular health or inflammation by intentional design? Can technology help us enrich our built environment by bringing some outdoors in? We believe that nature-inspired design is the way forward, and so the answer is a loud, clear, and very much-needed yes.

Here´s a list of some of the environmental enrichment prototypes we are building at the moment:


A space harmonizer that balances its surroundings by reducing the negative effects of mobile and Wi-Fi radiation, as well as all forms of geopathic stress. It does not need plugging in.

Wellness GlassⓇ

A glass that harnesses sunlight in order to emit neuroprotective frequencies that might prevent cognitive decline conditions. Based on an MIT research project on the neuroprotective qualities of gamma frequency entrainment.

The Forest WithinⓇ

We are co-developing various electrostress solutions based on the benefits of forest bathing and designed to strengthen the user’s biofield in order to deal with the negative effects of both dirty electricity and the all-pervading soup of microwave radiation we are constantly exposed to.